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5 simple and easy ways to upgrade your home decor

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

  1. MAKE YOUR BED: Nothing adds to the decor and overall look of a bedroom than a well made bed. This easy and instant update can add the WOW factor to any bedroom decor. Choose a nice headboard to set the tone and tie into other furnishings in the room. Light or neutral linens are the best base to add pops of color with decorative pillows and throw blankets that can be changed easily. If you can afford it, go for the most LUXE sheets, as this will enhance the feel and create a space that you will enjoy to the fullest, like this cozy LOFT space I created at the Turtle Bay Estates West on Oahu's North Shore.

  2. CREATE A WARM NOOK: Some like a smooth cocktail at the end of a long day, others live for their morning cup of coffee. Take a small space in your home that flows with the use to create an inviting mini-bar. This can easily be achieved by getting an appropriately sized tray that fits with the design plan, then adding some fun bar ware and glasses. For a cool coffee nook, cannisters are fun to fill with items next to the coffee pot and helps to keep clutter at bay. This will instantly elevate your room to the next level.

3. RECYCLE & REFRESH: You can change an outdated look of a room by simply changing the light fixtures and adding a new, fresh coat of paint. A tired bathroom can be easily updated by a good deep clean, new shower curtain, accessories, and hardware. Add new rugs and linens to accentuate the final touch. If your tub looks old and worn, you can resurface the tub for a fraction of the cost of replacing it, like this one in the photo below. I recycled the vanity and put on a new granite counter. Most stone fabricators have remnants you many be able to purchase for a discount. These are smaller pieces of stone that were cut off of a larger piece and unused. Just make sure that you know your exact measurements, to include any cut out for the sink or soap pump, ect.

4. LESS IS MORE: A big mistake most people make is trying to fit too much furniture into one room. An easy way to eliminate this clutter is to go through the room and gather all of the items and furnishings that complement each other to create a cohesive flow. You will want to place the items you eliminate in another room that works, or you may find out that you don't really need all of that stuff after all.. Tuck things like paperwork, crafts, kids toys, and magazines, into nice decorative baskets or specified drawers to help keep clutter under control. Balance is key, the room will look amazing once you have found the center piece and work from there. For this Ka'a'awa beach cottage, I designed a very small open concept living and dining area with proper furniture placement. All areas could be maximized to the fullest, even in a tight space.

5. ADD A POP OF COLOR: This is an easy way to enhance the focal point of a room. Take a dark room and choose a wall that would benefit from the attention. Examples are walls near windows with views, walls with book shelves or built-ins, or walls that you want to create separation of space from other spaces in the room. This fun Turtle Bay West condo, owned by a local surf PRO, was re-imagined to create a space that tells a tale of the North Shore in every room.

I hope this helps to inspire you to go out and create beautiful spaces in your home for yourself and others to enjoy. Be sure to look for my upcoming blogs with helpful design tips! If you need my expert help in designing your perfect space, I would love to help you achieve your design goals.

With Warm Aloha from the islands, Diana Ricciuti|MaDi Designs Hawaii HOME

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